Smart Chronic Care

Thryva's platform allows you to deliver, track, and bill for chronic care management


Thryva enables effective provider-patient engagement via a series of light interactions between clinic visits. Providers can automatically track and bill $45 - $150 per patient per month for phone calls between patients and staff under Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) program. With just a few hundred patients, this can amount to $10,000 - $15,000 in new (i.e., incremental) income per provider per month. In most cases, staff are performing these functions already, and no additional burden is placed on providers.

Thryva is built specifically for delivering CCM services, enabling nurses and care coordinators to help patients during the 99% of time they are not face-to-face with clinicians.

Thryva Lite: Launch and start earning more money in 2 weeks.

  • Seamless tracking of phone calls between staff and patients
  • Get paid for after-hours calls, too
  • Staff reminders for patient follow-up
  • EHR-independent; no IT resources required
  • Cloud-based: no new hardware or software
  • Smart analytics
  • Billing handoff, audit trail

Thryva Pro: Implement population health management at a fraction of the cost.
Includes all Thryva Lite functionality plus:

  • Rich patient-clinician interactions
  • Suite of cloud applications including: secure messaging, surveys, care team notes, patient-logged data, patient education
  • 360-degree view of patient health
  • EHR integration

Providers using Thryva report greater patient satisfaction and fewer unplanned ER/hospital visits. Contact us for a no-obligation demo!

How it Works: Thryva Pro

Prioritized Outreach: Smart analytics (not raw data) help nurse quickly prioritize and focus on patients in greatest need.
Timely Interactions: Nurse engages patient through a series of timely, light-touch interactions. Thryva concisely summarizes patient-logged and auto-tracked data.

Patient Engagement: Patient receives concise instructions, education, alerts, and reminders to bolster self-care. Surveys assess patient activation, understanding, and satisfaction.
Customized care: Thryva tracks all exchanges between clinic, patient, and home caregiver to learn individual preferences and deliver high-impact care.
Billing & Audit: All nurse activities are tracked granularly for billing, and audit support.

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With Thryva, your organization can start delivering and billing for chronic care management (CCM) services quickly and easily. Our flexible data import and export capabilities minimize effort required to integrate with existing EHR and billing systems. Thryva’s simple, intuitive interfaces require minimal training and conform to your existing workflows, allowing your staff to spend more time delivering and getting paid for proactive patient care services.


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